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June 24, 2010
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Burning down the swastika -col by Av3r Burning down the swastika -col by Av3r
Here's the final piece of my "american project", a comic project for a story that could fit in the american market.
It was developed within the comic art school I was attending and was the final project to be presented.

This was colored in photoshop directly on pencils, which you can see here:

I'm still crossing fingers about this, I hope this project will be a chance to prove my skills and a good example of my work. There's more to come, since I have also done 4 comic pages and character studies. I don't know, maybe I'll post them too... It depends, let me know! :)

Thanks and please critique and comment! :D
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GabrioCS Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Wow, bellissima la colorazione complimentoni !!!!
Av3r Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Ohilà, grazie mille! :)
RedWingsDragon Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2010
Groovy. Awesome work here
Av3r Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Thank you very much!
PadmaPhala Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010
...the swastika is a symbol of Jainism and (less so, but still used) Buddhism. Nazi Germany stole it to "obtain power" which it didn't, because it was killed in years. But please remember that it is a religious symbol FIRST.
Av3r Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
I have done extensive studies (at amateur level but still studies are) about the importance of esotherism and symbolism in the evolution from the german Thule secret association to the infamous Nazist Party.
Of course it's important to notice things as the direction that the "rays" of the swastika face and so on, and I didn't mean to disrespect the religious value of the "old" swastika... But if this is a comic book project about World War two, if this cover must emphasize the hazardous and difficult battle environment that such a peculiar commando must face and if we're talking about crushing the Nazi enemy from behind its lines... I just couldn't reserve a little space dedicated to a disclaimer which points out that THIS swastika that needs to be burnt to the ground is the symbol of Nazi Germany AND NOT the symbol of Buddhism...
Seriously, I think the composition, the colors and of course the context of this piece of mine clearly points out this. I think your comment was a bit over the line here :D no offence meant, of course :)

I still hope you liked this work :)
PadmaPhala Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010
I just wanted to make sure you were aware of that.
Av3r Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Nessun problema, tranquillo! :)
WhiteKimahri Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010
Trovo che la composizione sia davvero notevole. Il colore è molto efficace, inoltre: la scelta della predominante rossa è quasi ovvia, se vogliamo (e non è usato in senso negativo; una immagine del genere quasi urlerebbe colorami di rosso! :D), ma il tutto è stato utilizzato saggiamente.
L'effetto fiamme sullo sfondo è stupendo! :wow:
Complimentoni e in bocca al lupo per il tuo progetto!
Av3r Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Grazie mille per il commentone!

Beh sì, la composizione urla "colorami di rosso", anche se una preliminare colorazione aveva tutt'altre tinte, molto più desaturate. Posterò un WIP per capirci.
Il rosso richiama sia il calore della situazione che il sangue e, soprattutto, riprende anche il rosso della bandiera del reich, che così sembra anche strappata e lacera. Almeno, spero si intuisca! ^^

Grazie ancora per i complimenti e crepi il lupo, per l'esame e per il futuro di questo progettino... :)
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